Batman: Shaman

Legends of the Dark Knight #1

Cover Date: November 1989
Subtitle: Shaman book one
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Edward Hannigan, John Beatty
Storyline: Bounty hunter Willy Doggett was hired by Bruce Wayne to track a man named Thomas Woodley in Alaska. Wayne watched as the man took a sniper shot to the face. Woodley was the shooter. Wayne struggled with the murderer, Woodley ended up falling from the mountain - taking Wayne's coat and supplies with him.
Bruce woke up in the home of a family. He'd been found face-down in the snow after a trapper heard gunshots. Her grandfather, a tribal medicine man, helped him back to health with a story about a raven and a bat. A week passed, and the granddaughter walked with him back to the nearest town.
Later, Bruce returned to Gotham City for good - he was ready to begin his quest. Against Alfred's better judgment, he went out in veteran's garb looking for trouble. He found it, wrestling with a pimp, hooker, and the police. He decided to become a bat after one of the creatures crashed through the window in his study. Alfred created the costume, and Batman was born. His first task was to go after some thugs who'd robbed Dr. Leslie Thompkins' free clinic three times. Batman stopped the thugs easily, but one of the victims committed suicide after seeing him.

Legends of the Dark Knight #2

Cover Date: December 1989
Subtitle: Shaman book two
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Edward Hannigan, John Beatty
Storyline: Police went in on a raid and found a voodoo ritual in full swing. One of the cops was killed, the other wounded. Bruce Wayne stumbled upon the scene and asked Gordon about it. Batman foiled an attempt on the survivor's life that night. The three would-be assassins had $80,000 and some heroine on them. Human sacrifice was mentioned.
Batman, disguised as a shoe-shiner, spoke with Captain Gordon about what he knew. Afterwards, Wayne found the man he was to meet with a stake through him. As he died, he said "batman."

Legends of the Dark Knight #3

Cover Date: January 1990
Subtitle: Shaman book three
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Edward Hannigan, John Beatty
Storyline: The man he was meeting was an associate of Spurlock, a professor funded by Wayne to study the Alaskan Indians. Missing from a museum exhibit was a tribal bat mask. Batman was attacked by a man wearing the bat mask that night while following up on some leads. Wayne questioned Spurlock the next day, and he was killed by the man in the mask - in broad daylight.
He took another trip to Alaska where he bumped into the woman and medicine man that had saved him two years before. She slapped him and told him that Spurlock had stolen the culture by introducing them to civilization. En route to the lodge, their truck was forced from the road.

Legends of the Dark Knight #4

Cover Date: February 1990
Subtitle: Shaman book four
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Edward Hannigan, John Beatty
Storyline: Bruce leapt from the truck and was able to save the woman and her grandfather from the freezing river. The medicine man seemed to be in better shape than the woman. He told Wayne to don his mask and tell her the story of the bat - he no longer could.
They survived the night and got to a hospital. Bruce verified that he was not the only survivor that night - Thomas Woodsley had also survived. He somehow was connected to Spurlock and his studies. Bruce paid their bills and vowed to bring the man back his mask.
Back in Gotham City, Batman found the connection between the two men and sabotaged the shaman costume. Wayne headed home, not knowing that Woodsley had Alfred captive and was waiting for his return.

Legends of the Dark Knight #5

Cover Date: March 1990
Subtitle: Shaman book five
Writer(s): Dennis O'Neil
Artists(s): Edward Hannigan, John Beatty
Storyline: Bruce realized a trap may be waiting and was ready for it. Woodsley's arm was broken in the struggle, but he got away. Wayne confided in Alfred that he knew Carl Fisk - a local banker - was in league with the man.
Using the sabotage he'd planted in the costume, Batman humiliated Fisk - as Chubala - at his next ritual. His minions ran free, and the sacrifice victim was spared. Fisk was scared into a confession; Batman went after Woodsley. He found the man dying in the woods. The mask was recovered and other artifacts were recovered and returned to their owners. The old man was dead; his daughter told him to keep and become the mask.


  • This storyline starts before Year One, and materializes over approximately two years.
  • Many of the events of Year One are shadowed.
  • Six months pass between books 1 & 2:
    Bruce: "Yes...that's what the girl said six months ago...the girl I rescued from those street punks."
    Alfred: "The one who then stabbed herself to death?"
  • Bruce originally found the cave beneath Wayne Manor when he was four:
    Alfred: "How long have you known about this cavern?"
    Bruce: "Since I was four. I fell through a hole in the yard. Landed here. Scared me stupid. I was a basket case by the time dad found me."
  • Two years pass between books 1 & 4:
    Bruce: "Look, you once saved my life...two years ago. I was suffering from exposure..."
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