The Batman in Nine Lives

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: 2002
Writer(s): Dean Motter
Artists(s): Michael Lark
Storyline: Nightclub owner Selina Kyle was found murdered in the sewers below Gotham. Playboy Bruce Wayne was the prime suspect. Kyle's private detective, Dick Grayson, investigated. The list of suspects grew - all jilted lovers: Oswald "the Penguin" Cobblepot, Jack "the Joker," J. Edward Nygma. Grayson confronted Wayne about being the Batman, and later was saved by Batman - Matt "Clayface" Hagen tried to kill him by setting him on fire atop a building. Batman took Grayson to the sewers where they found one of Grayson's old circus buddy's (Croc) hideout. A huge bank heist was planned and everyone was in on it, and everyone was double-crossed. Kyle's death was ruled an accident - killed by a crocodile in the sewer.


  • I normally do not editorialize here, but this is one of my favorite Elseworlds stories. Highly recommended.