Batman: Night Cries

Format: graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: 1993
Writer(s): Archie Goodwin
Artists(s): Scott Hampton
Storyline: Newly appointed Commissioner Gordon struggled with his political duties as he surveyed a crime scene where a man, woman, and child were killed in their home. Batman investigated the players in a new cocaine hybrid called boost.
Bruce Wayne attended a function his foundation was holding to raise money for a child abuse charity. Knowing he had violence in his childhood, some of the administrators hoped Wayne would become personally involved in the project.
At home, Gordon fought with his wife about their son, his hours, and their conselling. He stormed out and caught up with Batman at a crime scene. Another family was killed. Batman was there on his drug investigation - the husband, a big contributor to the mayor's election campaign, was the final link.
Atop police headquarters, they talked about the connections between the two dead families - one was atop the drug chain, one could have been in the middle.
Gordon snapped at his son and admitted to his wife he needed help. After talking to the coroner, Gordon met Batman. There was no new drug. Something else was at play. The child in the first case was dead before the parents. The father had his son's blood on his hands. On both dead families, child abuse was suspected (in one way or another) and the parents were killed in the way they abused.
Batman made some progress by visiting a girl whose family had been killed. He took his mask off to show her he was just a man. The girl, who'd not spoken since the crimes, drew him a bat. Batman went after and caught a physical therapist who worked with the charity he was funding. The man confessed to doing the dirty work his friend (the psychologist) found for him. They'd known each other from an army covert ops team. Batman caught up with the doctor too late - he shot himself in the head after telling about how his sister was abused.
Gordon said goodbye to his wife and child at the airport.


  • Gordon has been recently appointed Commissioner.
  • Barbara Gordon left her husband, James, taking their son with her.
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