Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight annual 5: Wings

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Chuck Dixon
Artists(s): Qulque Alcatena
Storyline: Dr. Kirk Langstrom poured himself into his study of bats, even though the University refused to give him more funding. His bride-to-be, Francine Lee, endured. Langstrom used himself as a test subject and it worked - his deafness was cured by using the genetics of a bat. Langstrom's transformation was not complete. Day by day, he became more and more like a bat - even physically.
Batman, while after a gang called the RidgeRunners, encountered a man in a bestial flying suit. Batman was not the bat which took the gang down. Weeks later, Alfred went to investigate an alarm in the cave. He was attacked by a huge bat creature. The Batmobile returned, placing Batman face-to-face with the Man-Bat. He was able to tranquilize the creature and strap it down to a table. There, he found the creature was once a man named Kirk Langstrom. He returned the Man-Bat to its fiancÚ, Francine Lee. She been working with a man on Kirk's experiments and was able to dose him with a possible antidote. After nine months outside of humanity, Langstrom was cured.


  • This takes place over the course of around nine months.
  • Dr. Kirk Langstrom becomes the Man-Bat
  • This is collected in the tpb Batman: Four of a Kind.
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