Batman: Journey into Knight

Issue #1

Cover Date: October 2005
Subtitle: Bad Blood
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Batman thought of something he learned from his father - write your problems down to give yourself perspective. He swooped down on a woman who appeared to be getting attacked in an alley. After taking the two attackers down, he realized she was selling them pills. She shot him and ran.
A man in Colombia appeared to have developed some sort of death touch - everyone around him died where ever he went.
Bruce woke up from a dream where his parents told him to give up the costume. He went out and visited Lt. Gordon. The drug he'd gotten from the woman was a new party drug called Sanitiz. He found the woman later going into a club. He got into plain clothes to follow her in. He bumped into a girl and made small talk before finding his prey. He was able to snag her phone for a short amount of time before the woman pointed him out to the bouncers. He made short work of them in the men's room.
As he left the club, paparazzi recognized him. The woman he bailed on was steamed. He called Alfred, who informed him of the calls which had been made on the phone he'd bugged - her supplier was coming in from Colombia. The plane landed and a HAZMAT team was called in - everyone had developed a strange illness.
Bruce found out the supplier was also the drug's creator. He got onboard the plane (posing as a baggage man), then escaped when he realized everyone was dead. As the HAZMAT arrived, Bruce passed out.

Issue #2

Cover Date: November 2005
Subtitle: Breathe
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Alfred was taken into custody after Bruce was bagged up. Only one person on the flight survived (and he was faking dead). Bruce awakened from yet another dream where his parents were trying to convince him to give up his night job - on an operating table. He knew by the way the attendees were dressed that he was not contagious, so he attacked and escaped. Back at the cave, he gave Alfred (who'd also made a daring escape) something to run tests on. People were already dying across Gotham City.
Batman went to Gordon and they looked over photos of the plane. He found the carrier - the one who'd not died onboard. Batman tracked him down to a cab he'd ridden in, but was interrupted by a nearby apartment fire. Gordon gave him a list of areas where people had died (they'd figured out that only the carrier could spread the disease).
Alfred told Bruce he'd get his inheritance at his next birthday - in two days.

Issue #3

Cover Date: December 2005
Subtitle: Something in the Air
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Dozens of bodies (all from Gotham City) were found in a cave in Colombia - it appeared bats were the carriers of the virus. Bruce realized he and Alfred survived due to all the time they'd spent in the cave around bats.
The carrier walked the streets of Gotham after dark and happened upon some mourners who'd lost loved ones to his plague. He wore a gas mask with the filters facing outward so he did not spread.
Batman checked out the subway and was attacked by a survivor. He was tied to a railcar, but escaped before choking to death. He returned to the man and realized he'd been friends with the carrier. He bribed the man and got some information. He got a name and relayed it to Gordon: Rinaldi.
Bruce and Alfred showed up at the board meeting the next morning - fashionably late. After "sleeping" through the meeting, he bumped into the girl he'd met at the club a few nights previous. She was interning there.
The carrier met up with the dealer Batman had been following - they had a "friend" in common.

Issue #4

Cover Date: January 2006
Subtitle: Dreamers
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Bruce met with the man who was to turn his father's holdings over to him. A journal which was to be given to him was missing - stolen.
The carrier and the dealer met up with all her customers and killed them. Gordon and Batman picked up on the pattern and realized the carrier was now murdering those who were on Sanitiz.
After robbing a bank, Bruce saw them together on the street. He was able to pose as a pickpocket and stick a tracer in the dealer's pocket. The carrier went to the man who'd sold him the treasure map to the cave where he'd become infected. The man turned out to have a natural immunity and he was waiting for him. The dealer (Claire) was killed, and the carrier (Cary) was taken by gunmen in gas masks.

Issue #5

Cover Date: February 2006
Subtitle: Submerged
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Bruce headed to one of his apartments for a change of clothes. Alfred called him with a location of the tracer and that they'd robbed a bank.
An executive at Wayne Industries went to Skye (the woman Bruce was seeing) and offered her a job working closely with him if she would update him with Bruce's "state of mind" occasionally.
Batman caught up with Claire - she'd been wearing a bullet proof vest. She gave him the details on Cary's captor. Batman attacked, but was met with an arsenal. The captor, Barry, went back for Claire's bag (the bank loot) to find her still alive. She took him at gunpoint.
An armored truck was blown from the building into the frozen river below. Batman went with it, and found three dead inside. He also found a steel coffin, which he assumed carried the carrier. Alfred saved him from hypothermia and got him home. After warming up, Batman visited Gordon, who told him the carrier was now in an airtight cell at Arkham - he'd been driven over the edge. Gordon told him he was missing a hand, which could recreate the virus. Batman told him of Barry Lewison (Cary's captor) and went after him.
Bruce saw a psychiatrist.

Issue #6

Cover Date: March 2006
Subtitle: 5 Fingers of Death
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Bruce had a session with a psychiatrist. Claire (the dealer) kidnapped Barry and was able to get Cary's hand back. She dumped him and told him to call off his auction.
Bruce met up with Skye and they both agreed to start from the beginning. After taking her home from their date, Alfred pointed out the signal shining across the sky. Gordon told Batman that Claire wanted to set up a deal, but would only work with Batman.
Claire told Batman about the terrorist auction. Batman went in to take them down, but ended up foiling a FBI raid. He escaped after he and the terrorists were rounded up and took Claire to Arkham to see Cary. Inside, she removed her protective outfit and kissed him. They died together.

Issue #7

Cover Date: April 2006
Subtitle: Four Months Later
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Four months after the plague (and its carrier) were dead, Alfred interrupted an embrace between Bruce and Skye to tell his employer he was late. He told his psychiatrist he was finding balance between his light and dark with his new love, and he'd not had a dream-visit from his father since the previous winter. Later, he visited an advisor and brought to the table his dream of a foundation to honor his father. Skye took him to the man who oversaw their foundations. Bruce was also introduced to their director of magazines - Barry Lewison (the man who'd sent countless treasure-hunters to die the the South American cave).
That night, the Batman had to get out. He saved a woman from a high-rise ledge, then burst in on the reason she endangered herself: a hostage situation. Inside, an architect was holed up from a group of women stealing his plans. Both Batman and the police entered at the same time - the women appeared to have been brainwashed into attacking.
Gordon told Batman about a fire which killed two cops - it was set by a child wielding a flame thrower. Jim hypothesized that the "crazy" element in Gotham City may be Batman's fault.

Issue #8

Cover Date: May 2006
Subtitle: Matchstick Boys
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Bruce realized Skye was actually a girl he'd met the day his parents died - Summer. She was the daughter of the man Thomas was meeting. He called her on it and told her to go - he had to think.
Gordon called Batman; one of the women he was questioning had entered a trance. They exchanged details. Batman was at the site of a housing development his father started, but was now a dump. He realized it would soon be prime real estate. While there, an explosion occurred. Inside was the boy who was starting fires and another copycat vigilante (another was killed in the subway a few days before). He got the boy to safety, but was opposed by several others in identical firefighter costumes. One of them stabbed him as the police sirens neared.
He woke up the next morning from a dream where his father turned into him. He realized his dreams were a vision of himself, not his father. He went into the office and made a plan to buy back the derelict land and recreate the housing project. The plot to "take him out of the picture" got stronger.
Bruce visited a palm reader who appeared to be the only link between the women who were brainwashed into attacking an architect.

Issue #9

Cover Date: June 2006
Subtitle: Mindset
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Batman talked with Gordon at the once-again burning Wayne Village.
Maurice and Jack (the two conspiring against Wayne) talked again. Jack told his man (Barry) how he'd come to power: together, they took down the Wayne Industries board of directors. They faked their deaths and drugged them in Arkham.
Batman found a link with the children - their psychiatrist. He broke into the doctor's office and found the doctor. His own son was the ringleader of the pyro children. Elsewhere, Joey - the pyro ringleader - met with Barry. The kid watched a surveillance cam he'd set up in his room. When he saw Batman there, he detonated explosives under his bed. Batman got himself and his father out of harm's way. Another explosion rang out nearby - Batman got the doctor to the site and they found his son, Joey, watching the blaze. Barry Lewison was dead inside.
The next day, Bruce made dinner plans with Skye before a meeting. Inside, the plot against him waited. Bruce flipped out when he was given a posthypnotic suggestion. He stabbed Maurice with a pencil, then leapt into the crowd of attendees before jumping through a window.

Issue #10

Cover Date: July 2006
Subtitle: Buried Evidence
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Bruce woke up the next morning in an alley. He soon realized he was wanted for murder. Gordon and the police were at Wayne Manor. Alfred showed them around. He then snuck down to the cave to tell Bruce about the palm reader he now had no recollection of seeing.
Jack Newcomb got word from the surgeon that Maurice (Sullivan - Wayne CEO) would live. Batman paid a visit to the psychic. She had her call takers under a spell and they opened fire on him. He was able to get them to shoot the sprinklers and shock themselves (through their headsets). The police arrived soon and took control. Batman learned from Gordon that Bruce Wayne's victim wasn't dead. He promise his partner that he would deliver Wayne to him the next morning.
Bruce visited his psychiatrist, who confirmed he could never kill, then Maurice. Jack came in. He had his muscle take care of Wayne; they found a tape recorder on him. In Arkham, one of the former Wayne board members recognized Bruce as his father. The person who was to "take care of him" there recognized him and reported to her boss - the Joker.

Issue #11

Cover Date: August 2006
Subtitle: Psycho's Analysis
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: The Joker, somehow in charge of things at Arkham, pondered what to do with his new celebrity patient. He found Dr. Serona's card on Bruce, and called her in to help with the diagnosis.
On the day Maurice Sullivan returned to work, he was greeted by Alfred, who told him he had been willed everything by Bruce.
Joker killed Serona after grabbing the Wayne file from her. Continuing to pose as Wayne's doctor, Joker taunted him about his father as he began to wake up.
Alfred spoke with Gordon - it had been weeks since Bruce went missing. The psychic gave it up that Wayne had not gone psycho - she had been paid to give him hypnosis. Alfred ended the conversation when he saw intruders on the security cameras.
Joker showed Bruce his new toy - a finger cut from the plague carrier.

Issue #12

Cover Date: September 2006
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Andrew Helfer
Artists(s): Tan Eng Huat
Storyline: Gordon, wondering about both Wayne and Batman, exited police headquarters to find two thugs tied up. A note from "Batman" told him they'd tried to assassinate Alfred Pennyworth. Jack and Maurice called their goons to confirm the kill, but Alfred answered their cell phone.
One of Arkham's Wayne Wing patients began to see through things. He told Bruce about his father, but his mind had been poisoned against him by the Joker. He was Bruce's godfather. Joker's goon entered and knocked them both out. Maurice Sullivan paid the goon $10 thousand to speak with Bruce. Joker shot him as he attempted to break Bruce out.
Gordon got word that an anonymous call came in - Bruce Wayne was going to be returned.
Joker killed his goon Elmo with the cut-off finger of the plague carrier as a warm-up for what he had in store for the entire city. The moment came and Gordon saw the Joker on stage with Bruce and a finger. He shouted out the phrase that was used to induce his hypnosis. Wayne heard and attacked the Joker. After the madman was down, Gordon knocked Wayne unconscious.
Two weeks later, Batman was back on the scene. Bruce took Jack Newcomb to the scene of his new office building. He detonated it and fired the man. Back in the office, Skye told Bruce she was leaving. She handed him his father's notebook, which was blank save for one inscription: "Remember Bruce: just write it down!"


  • I have a hard time placing this item in continuity. Obviously, it is meant to be in the Year One era, but there's no way the timing works. First off, the four-month jump between issues 6-7 is ok - other stories could take place during this time. I have a hard time placing the three months where Bruce is Joker's patient in Arkham Asylum. Not only would the Joker be a first timer (having only appeared in The Man Who Laughs), but he's taken over the Asylum? Batman is gone for three months?
  • Book one: Gordon is lieutenant and mentioned Batman saving his son (Year One).
  • Book five: The river is frozen, so it's winter.
  • Book six: there is a batsignal, and Batman has a customized car (though not really a Batmobile).
  • Bruce's paternal grandfather's name was Jackson Wayne.
  • Book seven: email and cell phones exist and appear to be in common use.
  • Book seven: Gordon mentions Batman catching the Joker.
  • Book twelve: "Batman promised he'd deliver Wayne -- but that was three months ago -- and I haven't heard from him since." (Gordon, internal)