Format: original graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: 2008
Writer(s): Brian Azzarello
Artists(s): Lee Bermejo
Storyline: Joker is released from Arkham Asylum and picked up by Jonny Frost. Frost took him back to the old hang out and met up with the rest of their group (including Killer Croc and Harley). After a party, Joker completed his group and began his quest to regain his city.
Two-Face was not happy with this turn of events.
After a quick but successful bank job, Joker met with Penguin. Croc strong armed him into an "investment" deal. Afterwards, Joker and his gang went on a rampage taking out several mobsters that had taken over his territory while he was away (at Arkham).
Dent met with Frost and warned him about the Joker and the war they were starting. Later, Jonny's car was shot up by what appeared to be off-duty cops. He saved Joker from certain death. They used the dead cops to send a message to Dent. The two parties later met with Joker coming out on top.
Dent, scared for his life (or one of them), used the signal to call for Batman.
Batman eventually caught up with Joker on a bridge.


  • No real timing or events noted.
  • Joker refers to Penguin as "Abner" throughout the book.
  • True to its title, Batman only appears on a few pages and speaks a total of four words: "Us?' and "To mock you."