Batman: Illustrated by Neal Adams volume 3

Date: 1971-76 (original material), 2005 (collection)
Writer(s): Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, Frank Robbins, Len Wein
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Dick Giordano
Collects: Batman 232, 234-241, 243-246, 251, 255; Batman Annual 14; Batman Black & White 4; The Brave and the Bold 99; Detective 412-422, 439, 600; Heroes Against Hunger; Limited Collector's Edition C-25, C-51, C-59; Robin 1; Saga of Ra's al Ghul 4; World's Finest 211, 244-246, 258.
Storyline: Daughter of the Demon (Bat 232)
Robin, returning to his dorm room at Hudson University, was abducted. Bruce received a note a few days later from the kidnappers. He headed to the cave to begin the investigation. There, he was met by Ra's al Ghul and his bodyguard, Ubu. His daughter had also been abducted. After Talia's first meeting with Batman, Ra's had discovered the man's true identity.
On the photographs, Batman found a substance that led them to Calcutta. Soon after their arrival, Batman got a lead on the Brotherhood of the Demon. Batman was attacked by a trained leopard and defeated it. Inside the place, they found a map of the Himalayas. The trio headed that way.
In the mountains, Batman was separated from Ra's and Ubu when a sniper struck. Batman made it to the Brotherhood of the Demon's stronghold alone. He walked straight to Robin and laughed and the charade placed before him by Ra's and Ubu. The reason for the game was the only question, one answered by Ra's - his daughter, Talia, was in love with the Batman. He'd chosen the man to be his successor.

Half an Evil (Batman 234)
During a Gotham City parade, a Janus hot dog balloon was stolen at gunpoint and flown away in a helicopter. While Batman talked it over with Gordon, a report came in on an in-progress heist at a museum. Inside, Batman found clowns. After taking one down, he learned Two-Face was behind things. His next theft was a book on Captain Bye (bi). From that, Bruce realized his next hit - Bye's ship was in the harbor. As Batman fought Two-Face's goons, the ship exploded and sank. With the help of the stolen balloon, it raised again upstream. Batman boarded. Two-Face caught him from behind and knocked him out. Batman awakened tied to the mast - Two-Face was making off with Bye's treasure which had been hidden in the ship for ages. Dent punctured the balloon and rowed away from the twice-sinking ship.
Batman pointed out there was an innocent aboard, and Two-Face's coin forced him to save the man. While he was working on that, Batman got out of his restraints and captured the villain.

Night of the Reaper (Bat 237)
Dick and some of his college buddies caught a parade. One of the floats featured people dressed as superheroes. Up ahead, he noticed some guys beating up the Robin and went to his aide. The thugs escaped. Dick wandered away from the group and got into costume. Nearby, he found the Batman character from the float dead. A man in a hooded cape caught him off guard, and the Teen Wonder fell over an embankment.
Batman got to his partner in time and got him medical attention. He was out after a Nazi who'd stolen some gold in Germany before escaping to the US. While Robin recovered, Batman continued his quest. Outside the costume party, Batman found one of Dick's friends who said he'd seen a skeleton in a cloak kill someone. Batman found the body and rushed back to the masquerade when he noticed a light flashing in Morse Code. He found some Nazi's inside and learned they'd bombed their former leader's car. An explosion rang out.
Near the crime scene, Batman went off on Robin and went after the "Reaper." Batman caught up with him - the doctor who had worked on Robin - he'd given up the Nazi thief's whereabouts and was dealing out his own vigilante justice on them. Batman gave chase, but the man realized what he'd become and committed suicide.

The Lazarus Pit (Bat 243)
Batman and Lo Ling squared off against each other Ling was torn between his life debts to both Batman and Ra's al Ghul. Ling was easily defeated and pledged to help Batman. After he was gone, Malone (actually Robin) deflated and unmasked. Batman got into the Matches Malone persona. Dick headed back to school; Bruce went to meet with Dr. Blaine and Lo Ling.
Their plane landed in Switzerland. Ling almost immediately spotted Talia and was taken down by Ubu. Batman then stood in the bodyguard's way. A bystander whacked Batman when she saw him grab Talia. Ra's al Ghul's daughter and Ubu escaped. Batman's attacker was an Olympic skier who'd also had run-ins with the Demon's Head. She offered her services to Batman's team.
They made it into Ra's headquarters and were greeted by Talia. She took them to her father's body. As they left the room, Talia activated one of her father's Lazarus Pits and he was revived.

The Demon Lives Again (Bat 244)
With their captive, Talia, Batman's team began their journey back to civilization. Ra's al Ghul, who they thought was dead, attacked them. He took down both Lo Ling and Batman and escaped with his daughter. Batman and the skier pursued their hovercraft, but the skier was injured and had to get medical attention.
Batman tracked Ra's to the desert, where they locked horns in a sword duel. Their fight was a draw, but Batman was stung by a scorpion. Secure in the fact that Batman would die, Ra's left him. Talia slipped him antidote in a kiss. Batman rose and defeated his enemy. He left Talia and took her father.

The Bruce Wayne Murder Case (Bat 245)
Batman returned to Gotham City to find it in the midst of a mayoral election. One of the candidates, Bilker, was accusing the other, Harvey, of having Bruce Wayne killed. He had a handwritten note on Wayne stationery saying the man feared Harvey would kill him. Bilker swore Wayne gave it to him shortly before he departed for South America.
Batman visited a man who he'd read about in a scientific journal. The man had created a computer which could perfectly duplicate handwriting. He confessed to being threatened by Bilker, but he destroyed his machine, creating an electric shock which took down Batman. Batman later found the man at gunpoint - he'd gone to Bilker for help. After getting the police in on it, Batman vanished. Later, Bruce Wayne was "found" alive in South America.

The Joker's Five-Way Revenge (Bat 251)
Batman met Gordon at a crime scene. The victim had a huge grin on his face and a playing card was found nearby - the Joker. Batman went after one of Joker's old thugs (the first victim was another). Before he could get him safely into custody, the man took a drink of water, began laughing, and fell over dead.
Joker personally took down another of his old gang with an exploding cigar - he was trying to find out which of them had betrayed him during their last caper. Batman got to the forth member in time, but he was double-crossed and knocked out. Still groggy, Batman made it back to the guy's house and found him dead. Joker whacked Batman with a left, then dropped him with a kick. Joker decided to wait and kill him later.
Batman awakened and headed out to find the fifth and final member of Joker's gang. At a retirement home, the caretaker - a nun - told him the man was no longer there. Batman remembered a tanker that had crashed recently, and the Joker had left sandy / oily residue at their last meeting. Joker was waiting for him at a closed aquarium near the beach, his fifth former associate about to become shark food. Batman agreed to switch with the man.
After he was chained up and dumped into the tank, Joker threw his other victim in. Batman used his shackles to kill the shark, and the man's wheel chair to break the glass. He made sure the old man was ok then went after the Joker.
Batman caught him when the clown slipped on an oil slick on the way to his getaway car.

Moon of the Wolf (Bat 255)
Batman followed a werewolf into a woman's apartment. The beast flung his prey out the window when Batman got the upper hand. He was forced to jump and save her; the creature escaped. Batman visited Gordon, who told him some wolves had been stolen from the zoo. Batman wondered if the man he'd fought might not be a man at all.
Elsewhere, as the sun rose, the wolf man changed back into human form. He'd gone to a less than credible doctor in attempt to cure his frequent headaches - the man had turned him into a beast. The doctor told him he suffered from lycanthropy. The serum he'd taken was Alaskan wolf blood, which completed the phase. Dr. Milo wanted the man to kill the Batman.
Tony Lupus - the wolfman - began to put the word on the street: he wanted to meet Batman and would donate $250,000 to the charity of his choice. Soon, Batman paid the man a visit. He was taken off guard and knocked out. Tony delivered him to Dr. Milo, who insisted to see the werewolf's full rage destroy the Batman. Tony phased, and the werewolf attacked Dr. Milo.
Batman awakened across the street - he'd been chained up at a construction site. Before he could get himself loose, the creature appeared. After a savage battle, the werewolf was struck by lightning while removing a steel rod from himself that Batman had flung at him. Batman searched the grounds, but could find no trace of him.

Stacked Cards (Power Records PR-27)
A rock flew through Commissioner Gordon's window with a note attached: the Joker had escaped Arkham Asylum and promised revenge. Batman and Robin headed to the museum where Picasso's "The Clown" was on exhibit. One guard had already been killed - they found him with Joker's death grin. They realized the painting had already been stolen - a cheap knockoff had been put in it's place. When the police arrived, Batman and Robin headed to one of the Joker's known hideouts.
Inside, they found another body. Shots were fired and Batman chased the Joker outside. Robin stayed in to handle the fire which had been set. With help from the Joker's own arrogance, Batman quickly captured him. He recovered the painting from the fire, and everything was put back in place.

Robin Meets Man-Bat (Power Records PR-30)
Batman and Robin were waiting inside a bank vault for some would-be criminals. One used a sonic disrupter on the Dynamic Duo, allowing his group to escape. The high-pitched sounds lured Man-Bat. He attacked the men, who dropped the device. Batman and Robin ran to rejoin the fight, but Man-Bat had already taken the crooks down. When he flew away, Batman told Robin his history.
When the story was over, Man-Bat grabbed Batman and flew off. Robin tossed sneezing powder at it, and Batman got free. A second Man-Bat arrived, and they realized it was both Kirk and Francine Langstrom. Batman roped them and brought them down. One was carrying two needles; Batman dosed each.
When they'd regained human form, the Langstroms told the Dynamic Duo that Francine had accidentally taken the Man-Bat serum. Kirk took it in attempt to get her back. Includes covers for Batman 232, 234-241, 243-246, 251, 255, Annual 14; Detective 412-422, 439, 600; The Brave and the Bold 99; World's Finest Comics 211, 244-246, 258; plus various pin-ups and a sketch section


  • This is another item that is obviously pre-Crisis.
  • Includes a forward by Neal Adams and an introduction by Denny O'Neil.
  • Dick is in college during these stories.
  • Robin encounters the Man-Bats for the first time.
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