Batman: Illustrated by Neal Adams volume 2

Date: 1967-69 (original material), 2003 (collection)
Writer(s): Neal Adams, Denny O'Neil, Mike Friedrich, Frank Robbins, Len Wein, Marv Wolfman
Artists(s): Neal Adams, Dick Giordano, Carmine Infantino
Collects: Batman 217, 220-222, 224-227, 229-231; The Brave and the Bold 86, 88-90, 93, 95; Detective 394-403, 405-411; World's Finest Comics 199-200, 202.
Storyline: You Can't Hide a Dead Man (TB&tB 86)
Batman and Robin staged a planned raid. As Batman helped their guy on the inside, Robin pulled a gun on him. Batman slapped some sense into him, then Gordon moved to take down the Dark Knight. Batman escaped believing Deadman was trying to kill him. As he ran, dozens of people attacked him one at a time. Batman realized he had to get away from anyone Deadman could possess.
A confused Deadman confronted Batman, only to be confused more - Batman told him that if he really wanted him dead, all he had to do was possess him and make him jump from a rooftop. Deadman released the body he was holding.
Lotus and Willie Smith came before the Sensei and told him about Deadman. As he was leaving Nanda Parbat, Willie shot him with a poison dart. With its help, Willie confused him into believing the Sensei was his friend and Batman was his enemy.
Batman found Deadman's old circus - Hill Bros. Circus - was in town. He visited with Lorna, who told him that Cleveland, Boston's twin brother, had been performing his act for the past few months. Boston possessed his brother. Batman saved them when he missed a bar. Vashnu greeted Boston and told him he must return to Nanda Parbat. Batman accompanied him.
As they parachuted down to the sacred land, they were shot at. Deadman left his brother's body. He entered one of the assassins and allowed his friends safe landing before reentering his brother. As he entered Nanda Parbat and became tangible again, his body felt the full attack of the poison.
Rama Kushna told Batman and Cleveland that the antidote was on its way up the mountain via the assassins. Using the elements to their favor, Batman and Cleveland took down the group and secured the cure. The sensei vowed revenge as Boston was cured.

The Secret of the Waiting Graves (Det 395)
Bruce Wayne attended a party thrown by the Muertos of Mexico. Most millionaires in the Western Hemisphere were invited. A hot-air balloon race went bad when falcons attacked and destroyed one of the vessels. Batman was able to save the rider. Batman also saved the crowd from snipers and trained wolves.
He tracked the hosts into an abandoned monastery where they disabled a government agent who'd been tracking them. They used a hallucinogenic flower against the vigilante and escaped. When Batman regained his senses and once again evaded their pet birds, he burned the flowers, which also caused their immortality. The Muertos aged quickly and died.

The Silent Night of the Batman (Bat 219)
Batman responded to the signal on Christmas Eve. Gordon wasn't calling in an emergency, he was asking Batman to sing with him and his crew. Batman obliged, and while doing so, several crimes were averted as the would-be perpetrators were reminded of him. A boy returned a stolen gift - a Batman figure. A woman, lonely and looking to commit suicide looked over a bridge and saw it's shadow in the form of a bat.
The entire night went by without Batman having to take any action.

Paint a Picture of Peril (Det 397)
Some thieves in scuba gear came ashore and began looting an art exhibit. Batman appeared and began battling them. One threatened a guard, and Batman had to stand down. They hit him with two harpoons and the vigilante fell into the bay. After they made off, Batman got help for the injured guard. Batman thought it strange they only stole one painting (the least valuable), but he headed home to tend his wounds.
Bruce took some time to patch up his arm. While doing so, his housekeeper got her purse and headed home. That night, Batman used infrared goggles to find an underwater trail. He traced it to a small submarine and investigated. He found the location to be the home of an eccentric millionaire who's lover (a singer) had disappeared. He'd since been collecting images of her (including the stolen painting). Batman escaped the man's traps and saved him from falling to his death.
The next day, the man was committed to a mental health facility. Bruce realized his housekeeper was the woman the man had lost.

Challenge of the Man-Bat (Det 400)
In the perfect darkness, a group used night-vision lenses in attempt to break into a gem vault. Batman heard one of them drop a piece of equipment and went after them. They escaped, but he was able to grab their ultrasonic cutting tool. The group planned on luring Batman to their next heist.
Dr. Kirk Langstrom experimented with bats in hopes that he could use their genetic make up to give himself sonar. It worked - he was able to navigate in total darkness. Langstrom grabbed some earplugs so he could drown out the now super intensified "normal" sounds.
Batman and Alfred tested some new hearing aids Batman could use in tracking the "blackout" gang.
Langstrom, on his way home, realized he was growing body hair and claws like a bat. His entire body was mutating.
That night, the blackout gang attacked the museum. Batman was there, but thwarted when they threw ping pong balls out, causing him not to be able to "see" them with his improved hearing. The Man-Bat saw what was going on and helped Batman take down the crooks. Afterwards, he told Batman his was no costume.

Man or Bat? (Det 402)
Man-Bat waited as some men attempted to break into a safe - there was something inside he needed. As soon as they were in, Batman arrived. The two bats took down the criminals, but Man-Bat turned on his hero when Batman stood in his way of getting what he needed. During the scuffle, Batman realized Man-Bat wasn't wearing a disguise.
After regaining consciousness, Batman headed to the museum where he'd first encountered the creature. There, he found Francine Lee, Kirk Langstrom's fiancÚ, attempting to gain entrance to his lab. The security guard would not let her in. Batman burst in to find the Man-Bat. Langstrom was startled and dropped the chemical he'd taken. After seeing Francine and Batman, he escaped through the window. Batman gave chase, but lost him after the creature realized his transformation was to the point where he had wings. He followed a real bat looking for somewhere to stay; Batman headed to the cave in hopes of synthesizing something to change him back.
Man-Bat found a cave to stay the night, but soon realized it was Batman's cave. Batman returned home and found him there. He was able to knock the creature out when he failed to reason with him. He worked to find a cure for Langstrom.

Ghost of the Killer Skies (Det 404)
In Spain, Batman watched an antique plane crash. He pulled the pilot out of the wreckage, but he was already dead - of strangulation. He quickly disappeared due to not wanting anyone to know he was in the country. Bruce Wayne, there financing a film about a WWII pilot, attended a meeting. Some of the crew wanted to abandon the film due to all the setbacks which had occurred.
Batman investigated and found some men trying to sabotage their planes. He took them down and continued on. He nabbed one of the camera men in the act - he'd spotted him earlier announcing the pilot had been strangled before he was close enough to see it. Shots were fired, and Batman found another man dying. He said he'd been shot by the ghost of the pilot (von Hammer) in which the film was based. Batman found the killer to be the man he expected - a member of the crew who claimed to be a descendant of von Hammer. They dueled it out in a dogfight, ending with Batman jumping onto the killer's craft. His scarf was caught in his propellor, and he was flung from his plane.
Batman was able to land safely, but his attacker died in the fall.

Marriage: Impossible! (Det 407)
Batman attempted to stop the Langstrom wedding (Man-Bat had escaped the cave before Batman could "cure" him). Francine told Batman nothing could stop them from getting married: Kirk had returned to their home that night. She couldn't bear to look at him, but she knew she loved the man inside. Langstrom refused to let Batman help him, but he gave Francine a way to prove her love. Batman realized what they'd done when she flew away from him.
Batman gave chase and eventually was able to dose each of them with the antidote he'd been carrying since Man-Bat escaped the cave. Both morphed back into human form and realized how terrible it had been to be "inhuman."

Red Water, Crimson Death (TB&TB 93)
Batman stumbled taking down a gunman. Gordon ordered him to take a vacation - he'd had no rest in a week since the prison break. Batman agreed and took a cruise. While at sea, a storm struck. A young boy was thrown overboard, and Bruce went in after him. He rescued the kid and they were both brought back on board.
Having nothing better to do, Bruce stayed with Sean until he reached his destination. The kid's family insisted he stay with them. That night, Bruce saw Sean sleepwalking outside. He realized he was dressed as Batman even though he'd intentionally thrown the outfit into the sea. He went after Sean.
Villagers attacked him, but he finally convinced them he was a friend. They assumed he was one of the evils from the nearby castle. Batman followed the kid into the castle and soon stumbled upon the secret - men were inside attempting to scare the locals off so they could get the area's fishing market all to themselves. Batman took the men out and went after their boss, who had Sean. He stopped the kid from being poisoned, but accidentally ingested some of it through an open wound. After a few twists of fate, he was cured and the boss was dead.
Batman took Sean back home to safety.

The House that Haunted Batman (Det 408)
Robin had been missing for 24 hours, but Batman finally tracked him down at an old house. The Boy Wonder turned to dust in his arms. Hearing screams, Batman searched the old mansion. He found a room of bats and a phonograph. An old man appeared; Batman gave chase, but he then disappeared. Batman turned around to see Dick shooting at him. When he got up, he saw Gordon and the Justice League standing over a coffin; Batman was inside.
The walls began to close in on Batman, then he realized he and Robin were the prisoners of Dr. Tzin-Tzin, master of illusion, who'd been hired by the League of Assassins. Batman escaped the deathtrap and faced off against Tzin-Tzin's minions. He was overpowered and taken to the illusionist. Tzin-Tzin raised a revolver to his head, but Robin took him down. They cuffed him and took him outside. On their way to the car, they heard laughter and saw their captive looking at them from a window of the house. Their handcuffs fell to the ground as the house went up in flames.

A Vow from the Grave (Detective 410)
Batman pursued Kano Wiggins, a murderer who'd escaped from death row. During their struggle, a huge man belted Batman allowing Wiggins to escape. He defeated the giant and was approached by three others - all former circus freaks. Their circus had folded and they were living in an abandoned building nearby. Batman left them to search out his prey. Later, Batman came to their aide when he heard a scream. One of their own had been hanged in their home. Batman took down Wiggins, and also the strong man who'd killed his friend over the love of a woman.
Includes covers for The Brave and the Bold 86, 88-90, 93, 95; Batman 217, 219-222, 224-225, 227, 229-231; Detective 394-395, 397-402, 405-411; World's Finest Comics 199-200, 202.


  • This is another item that is obviously pre-Crisis.
  • Kirk Langstrom and his fiancÚ, Francine Lee, became bat creatures, only to be cured by Batman.
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