Batman: Full Circle

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: prestige
Date: 1991
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Alan Davis, Mark Farmer
Storyline: Commissioner Gordon was called in on a multiple homicide: a hooker and two cops had been killed by a man fitting the description of the Reaper while Batman and Robin were busy taking down some cocaine traffickers. Batman took his junior partner home after calling him reckless - he'd been shot in the cape. Afterwards, he answered Gordon's signal.
A boy named Joey found his father - Joseph Chill, Jr. - the Reaper. The man told his son about his own father, and introduced him to his Aunt Marcia.
After hearing about the Reaper, Bruce went out to find Rachel Caspian, daughter of the original - and his former fiance. She was at Dr. Leslie Thompkins' house. Batman later found Rachel wandering around outside one of Bruce Wayne's buildings. The Reaper, claiming to be her father, closed in on her. Batman attacked and got Rachel to safety. The Reaper blew a hole in the building and retrieved the gun Wayne had buried, the one that had killed his parents.
Batman, while investigating the Reaper, got a call from Alfred - he'd struck the clinic. After checking on Leslie and learning that Rachel had been taken, Batman caught up with the Reaper. While they fought, Marcia Chill hit Batman with some tranquilizer. When he woke up, he was in a death trap. Marcia attempted to double-cross her brother, but he'd suspected it and easily took her down.
After being unable to contact Bruce, Alfred found Dick in costume. He watched as the boy hopped into the Batmobile and wheeled off after his partner. Robin found him and helped him escape the trap. Batman went after the Reaper while Robin freed Rachel. The Reaper's son entered; when they found out who the two were, Batman and Robin left father and son together for Gordon to pick up.
Batman met with Leslie and Rachel before taking Robin with him and destroying the gun which killed his parents.


  • "...the Dark Knight had just taken under his wing a boy dressed in red, yellow, and green."
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