Batman: Evolution

Detective 743

Cover Date: April 2000
Subtitle: Evolution part 1: Whispers in the Dark
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Ra's al Ghul send two acolytes to Gotham City. Batman began "visiting" the various mobs who'd moved into town since NML was lifted. As pressures continued to mount between OGs (original Gothamites) and DeeZees (deserters), Bruce Wayne attended the re-opening of Gotham's public library. Whisper A'Daire introduced herself to him. Bruce watched her also approach Commissioner Gordon, D.A. Willis, the Mayor, and others. Batman had Oracle check her out. Later that night, he encountered a man who called him "Detective" and blew up the building they were in.

Detective 744

Cover Date: May 2000
Subtitle: Evolution part 2: Unity of Purpose
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Batman survived the blast; Whisper reported back to Ra's al Ghul. The gang wars they'd created continued to heat up. Whisper visited Ekin Tzu, head of the Lucky Hand gang. She made him an offer and proved herself by spitting venom in the face of some of his men. Batman visited Commissioner Gordon and Chief Allen with what he knew. Evidence pointed at Ra's al Ghul, but Batman didn't believe it was his style. He witnessed two mobs forming an alliance. Whisper distracted him while two family heads were assassinated. She said she "served" Ra's al Ghul.

Detective 745

Cover Date: June 2000
Subtitle: Evolution part 3: Law of the Land
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Batman spoke with Gordon. Bruce visited the mayor, knowing Whisper would be with him. While helping her into her coat, he got a skin (scale) sample from the back of her neck. After analysis of the sample, he reported his results to Gordon - she was over 80 years old and part cobra. Her people got the "immortality" drug in and she made a deal with a distributor. Batman visited their hideout and had his second fight with Kyle Abbot. This time, he transformed fully into a werewolf. After defeating him, he found where Whisper had molted. Whisper gave Ekin Tzu some of her drug, causing an instant mutation in him. She admitted to having his wife killed.

Detective 746

Cover Date: July 2000
Subtitle: Evolution part 4: Aftertaste
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, John Watkiss, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Batman used a sort of truth serum on Abbot. He spilled his guts. When he confessed to Whisper, she killed him and "promoted" Ekin Tzu. Batman burst in when she was making her move to the distributor (another gang lord). Surrounded by GCPD, Tzu sprouted wings and flew away with A'Daire. Batman got a grapple on him, causing him to lose grip on the woman. Tzu came to Batman - the bat was a holy demon to him.

Detective 747

Cover Date: August 2000
Subtitle: Happy Birthday Two You
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): William Rosado, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Detective Renee Montoya received a bouquet of tulips on her 29th birthday. The card was unsigned. After a bad morning, Gordon gave her the afternoon off. She spent it tracking the flowers to Bruce Wayne. He confessed that he'd sent them by request from his friend, Harvey Dent. She visited Dent (who'd received a beating for using the phone without permission) and thanked him. When she returned to her car, she found a note from Batman thanking her for giving Dent peace.

Detective 748

Cover Date: September 2000
Subtitle: Urban Renewal part 1
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): SPhil Hester, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: James Gordon was called in to the scene of an explosion at a Wayne Enterprises housing construction site. He told Batman (who was already on the scene) a group called the People's Front from the Liberation of Gotham had claimed responsibility. The mayor pressured Gordon for an arrest. Batman shook down Francis Piper and found materials to make more explosives; he delivered the man to Gordon. Another explosion occurred on a construction site owned by Coldwell and Ferris (who were also thought to be DeeZees - NML deserters).

Detective 749

Cover Date: October 2000
Subtitle: Urban Renewal part 2
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Phil Hester, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: Gordon and his squad investigated the second explosion site. Roberto Alonzo, a suspect in the first bombing (Batman cleared him), was killed. The police found that the victim in the first explosion was an OG, blowing away their theory of the bombs targeting DeeZees. Gordon questioned Coldwell and Ferris (the second site's owners). Coldwell wore a wire and got a confession from his partner.

Detective 750

Cover Date: November 2000
Subtitle: Dependence
Writer(s): Greg Rucka
Artists(s): Shawn Martinbrough, Steve Mitchell
Storyline: After shaking down on of Ra's al Ghul's men, Batman contacted Oracle. He then left for Switzerland, where he quickly located Talia. Whisper A'Daire and Kyle Abbot were there. Abbot got Talia back to her father; Batman captured Whisper and got Ra's location from her - Paris. Batman was too late to catch them in Paris, but Talia left her Beloved a clue. He followed them to the location prescribed and was captured by the Demon's Head. He gave his daughter another chance to sway him, but she set him free instead. Talia fled. Batman detonated Ra's drug making facility and flew away in one of the Demon's jets.