Batman / Deadman: Death and Glory

Format: original graphic novel
Binding: hardcover
Date: 19996
Writer(s): James Robinson
Artists(s): John Estes
Storyline: Batman found himself holding a woman hostage in front of a group of policemen. As he looked around, the location was a bloodbath. His last memories were of chasing the Joker. He escaped, but Gordon ordered his men to shoot to kill.
Masked men sought a man named Albert Yeats.
Batman knew something supernatural was going on (possibly Deadman), so he visited the incarcerated Felix Faust. A deal was made and he was given a spell book. He performed the spell, but broke it off when he realized Deadman was not becoming corporeal, but was fading away. He quickly realized he'd been possessed by someone other than Boston Brand.
Brand possessed Alfred and told him about the "Clown," his counterpart on the side of the devil and about Yeats, who would be reincarnated as the second coming. A rich man, Frederick Chaplin, had sold his soul and was now trying to swap places with Yeats on the deal (the two had been born at the same time).
Batman answered the signal and met Gordon on the roof of Police Headquarters. He was fired on and escaped with Deadman. Deadman had stashed Yeats away at the circus where he'd worked in life. At the circus, Deadman fought the Clown, who'd possessed Gordon after leaving Batman. The circus crowd saw / heard the fight. Batman was cleared.
Batman got Yeats medical attention - he was dying of AIDS. The time was up for the rich man, who died without a soul.