Batman: Dark Victory

Issue #0

Cover Date: 1999
Subtitle: Prologue
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: At a retrial, Alberto Falcone, the "Holiday" killer, had been declared legally insane and placed in the care of Arkham Asylum. District Attorney Janice Porter met with him and went over his arrest papers. He no longer had feeling in his right arm due to the beating he'd received. Porter told Commissioner Gordon she was planning on reopening his case.

Issue #1

Cover Date: 1999
Subtitle: War
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: August
Batman observed a vigil at Carmine Falcone's grave site. August second was not only The Roman's birthday, but the day Harvey Dent was scarred. Selina Kyle was there. Shots were fired when Batman was spotted. The police arrived, but were able to get no one big. Sofia Falcone Gigante, who fell from a building struggling with Catwoman, had survived. She was now in a wheelchair and headbrace running her father's organization.
Selina introduced Bruce to Mario Falcone.
Sofia called a hit on Harvey Dent and scheduled it for Halloween - the anniversary of her father's murder at Dent's hands. Gordon told Batman about Porter wanting to get Falcone released. Catwoman told him that they were planning a hit on Dent. Batman was visiting his once-friend when Arkham was attacked. Dent, Joker, Scarecrow, and others escaped.
Alberto Falcone was released into the care of his brother, Mario. Sofia was sent a package - inside was one of her father's fingers. Gordon called in Batman - Chief O'Hara was found hanged on a bridge with a note and newspaper clipping.

Issue #2

Cover Date: January 2000
Subtitle: Secrets
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Thanksgiving
Batman questioned Riddler about O'Hara. He went over the evidence in the cave and told Alfred he'd thought about telling Dent who he was before his scarring. Mario Falcone called Dent and Porter in about his father's body being missing. Sofia jumped all over him and brought in her own detectives. Alberto Falcone began hearing voices. Bruce and Selina had Thanksgiving dinner together before Batman met up with the Riddler.
Gillian Loeb, the police commissioner who hired Gordon, was found hanged in his home. Again, a hangman game accompanied the body.

Issue #3

Cover Date: February 2000
Subtitle: Toys
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: The former Detective Arnold Flass, Gordon's first partner in Gotham City and the right hand of Loeb, was found hanged outside his workplace, the Cheetah Room. He, too, had the hangman game attached to his body. Batman pressured Anthony Zucco about the Flass death (Zucco was employed by the Maroni family to look after the Cheetah Room). Zucco fingered Scarecrow.
Batman located Scarecrow at an old toy warehouse. He was customizing toys to spray his fear gas. Batman chased him to a truck, which Crane crashed into the river nearby. Batman never saw him surface.
On Christmas Eve, Sofia Falcone Gigante made the decision to torch the Cheetah Room (due to Flass and Zucco working with Scarecrow) and announced there would be no peace between the Falcones and Maronis until Dent was found. Selina waited for Bruce inside Wayne Manor. Alberto told Mario that Batman had been to the house about the newest holiday killings. Mario didn't necessarily believe him due to him also having 'heard voices,' but he called Gordon anyway.

Issue #4

Cover Date: March 2000
Subtitle: Lost
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: New Year's Eve
Batman went to Solomon Grundy, who had been living in the sewers beneath Gotham City, looking for Dent. Grundy took Batman to the makeshift office which had been created to house relics of Dent's reign as DA. Batman triggered a booby trap and they were blown through the sewers. As they finally got out of the current, Batman thought he saw a figure, but could not catch up to it.
Porter and Gordon checked out the latest Hangman victim - a former SWAT leader named Branden. He, like Loeb and Flass, had been corrupt. Gordon informed Porter that he'd put together an undercover team to help stop the cop killer.
Catwoman visited Sofia and volunteered her services - for $1 million (the same as the price The Roman put on her head), she would find his missing body. Bruce met Selina at her apartment and tried to make up for his recent absences.

Issue #5

Cover Date: April 2000
Subtitle: Love
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: January 6
The Viti family out of Chicago posted bail for Pino and Umberto Maroni, who'd been arrested after the Branden murder.
February 14
Batman, fearing a cop named Pratt may be in danger, went looking for him. Pratt shot Batman, and by the time he was awakened by Gordon, Pratt was dead - hanged nearby. Catwoman, still rampaging through town trying to find Falcone's body, was tipped off about the morgue by Riddler. There, she was cracked in the head by an unknown assailant and placed in a coffin. Batman, also on a tip from the Riddler, saved her from the incinerator.
Gordon went home for the night to find his wife and son had returned. Bruce went to see Selina, but found a moving company packing up her things. They gave him a note from her - she'd left town. Porter got dressed and told Two-Face about Gordon's new squad.

Issue #6

Cover Date: May 2000
Subtitle: Hate
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: March 17
Batman busted up Penguin's raid on a Falcone shipment. There was a gun fight between Penguin's men and Falcone's underlings (Skeevers and Zucco). Penguin refused to talk and Batman dropped him in on the meeting of Gordon and his strike team (Lopez, King, Gustavson, O'Connor, and Wilcox).
Mario Falcone, being the majority shareholder in Falcone Imports, seized his sister's assets after she continued to do illegitimate business. A body was discovered hanged in the back yard of what once was the home of Harvey and Gilda Dent. Merkel. Another cop.

Issue #7

Cover Date: June 2000
Subtitle: Fools
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: April 1
Dent left Porter for a mock hearing. He had Julian Day, the Calendar Man, on trial to see if he knew the identity of the Hang Man Killer. Day said Dent was the obvious choice and reminded them (Joker, Freeze, Ivy, Scarecrow, Riddler, and Mad Hatter were his jury) it was April Fool's Day. Gordon saw the signal from his office window and went to the roof. Two-Face had a noose ready for him. Batman got to Dent and Gordon shot himself down. It wasn't Dent who tried to kill Gordon. Two-Face bluffed them and left. Batman found a file from before he and Gordon were on the scene - Merkel and O'Hara had arrested Mario Falcone; Dent, the assistant DA was the prosecuting attorney.
Zucco told Skeevers he planned to use a traveling circus to do his transporting.

Issue #8

Cover Date: July 2000
Subtitle: Battle
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Mother's Day,br> Joker was the shooter in a drive-by shooting at Maroni's restaurant. He got away, but his four accomplices died when their car crashed. Later, Joker and his men shot up the Falcone penthouse, where Mario was having a meeting with bank executives, including Bruce Wayne. Porter and Gordon left for the scene and found another cop - Henry Gustavson, hanged above his car.
Joker then attacked the other Falcone estate - He killed Sofia's bodyguard and rolled her wheelchair down a flight of stairs. Alberto shot him in the shoulder. Batman burst in and nabbed the Joker.
Zucco went to "Pop" Haly, owner of Haly's Circus and made a proposition. He threatened the star attraction, Haly's aerialists, the Flying Graysons.

Issue #9

Cover Date: August 2000
Subtitle: Orphans
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Father's Day
The Flying Graysons were killed in what appeared to be a trapeze accident. Their son, Dick, survived. Bruce Wayne arranged to take the now-orphan in. Zucco spoke with Skeevers about the circus incident.
The Falcone siblings were released from jail - it was ruled they acted in self-defense and were the victims of the Joker's attack. Another of Gordon's team - O'Connor was the next hangman victim.
Batman confirmed to Dick Grayson that his parents were not the victim of an accident, they were murdered. He promised to let the boy help him somehow.

Issue #10

Cover Date: September 2000
Subtitle: Justice
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: July 4
Gordon and his steadily shrinking team went into the sewers after Dent. They split up. Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Mad Hatter split up. Freeze was first to be seen. He shot Lopez with his freeze gun, but Gordon got her out in time. She saw Batman follow her partner in. Batman took down Mad Hatter silently. King was killed by the Hangman; Dent surrendered to Gordon after he was found in the same area holding Lopez at gunpoint.
Dick Grayson skulked around the circus and was saved by Batman after an enforcer saw him. Batman warned the gangsters off. Bruce told Grayson he couldn't go out untrained and revealed himself as Bruce Wayne.

Issue #11

Cover Date: October 2000
Subtitle: Passion
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: August 1 Dent was scheduled to be in court the following day - on the first anniversary of his scarring. He refused counsel and would represent himself. As Dick continued to train, Batman visited the Maroni brothers looking for Zucco. They gave him up; Batman picked up Grayson and they went after him. After a chase, Zucco collapsed, but gave up some more information before his heart gave out and he died.
At Dent's trial, his team of freaks burst in. He disappeared, taking all of the evidence with him.
The Hang Man claimed another victim - Wilcox.

Issue #12

Cover Date: November 2000
Subtitle: Revenge
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: August 4
Porter was grabbed and brought to Two-Face. He shot her dead as the Joker and Scarecrow held her. As Gordon went over the details of Wilcox's death, Batman appeared with the news of Porter's disappearance. He had evidence that she knew Dent years ago. Gordon feared she was working both sides.
Alberto Falcone woke up to find a .22 in his hand and Porter dead in his bed. He got up and again heard voices. He found Julian Day in his bedroom and flipped. He attached his probation locator to Day, broke his jaw, and ran him out of the house. Batman and Gordon found Day, but Falcone was gone. At the scene, they found evidence of Mr. Freeze, Two-Face, and Scarecrow.
Labor Day
Dick worked with Batman on the investigation in the cave. He had some alternate ideas that Bruce had not thought of. Batman searched the Falcone penthouse and found all the tools of the "Hang Man." He was attacked and hanged from the window. Catwoman was there.

Issue #13

Cover Date: 2000
Subtitle: Peace
Writer(s): Jeph Loeb
Artists(s): Tim Sale
Storyline: Batman escaped the noose and confronted Catwoman. She said she'd been in Italy and told him she'd scratched Gigante's face on the right side, like her father, not the left. She told him of her findings in Italy - Mario had brought her there for plastic surgery, but she scarred her own face afterwards.
Columbus Day
Umberto and Pino Marini, Lucia Viti, Edward Skeevers, and Bobby Gazzo were all killed at precisely 2am. Sofia killed Alberto. She then attacked Dent by lighting the gas mains in his hideout. Gordon's office was also torched. Gigante got herself out of her chair and put Two-Face in a noose. Batman got him loose and attacked Sofia. Dent put a bullet in the back of her head and hanged her. Dent, Joker, Ivy, and Freeze ran through the tunnels and ended up in the caves below Wayne Manor. Dick, in a red, yellow, and green costume, was there and attacked them. Batman was quick to join in the battle. Joker shot Two-Face so he could get the chance to kill Batman. Dick stopped him.
Batman dynamited the tunnels into his cave and met with Gordon. They found Alberto's body in his father's crypt. With Sofia dead, Mario torched his own home (where his brother had been manipulated). Selina paid her last respects to the man she believed to be her father - Carmine Falcone. Batman christened his new partner - Robin.

hardcover edition


  • Issue 1 begins August 2, issue 13 ends on Halloween of the following year.
  • The deaths of the Flying Graysons
  • Dick Grayson becomes Bruce Wayne's Ward and eventually Robin, the Boy Wonder.
  • Return to continuity section 1.