Batman: Bruce Wayne: Fugitive vol 2

Issue #768

Cover Date: May 2002
Subtitle: (1) Purity part 1; (2) Lost Voices part 6
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Judd Winick
Artists(s): (1) Steve Lieber, Mick Gray; (2) Cliff Chiang
Storyline: (1) Batman brought an OD'ed junkie to Dr. Thompkins - there was a batch of heroin on the streets killing people. A Checkmate agent, David Said, also investigated. Batman followed him as he met with his supplier. A winged man approached him.
(2) Josie and Oscar survived the attack, but Oscar was hospitalized. Josie went after the shooter and was forced to kill him when he attacked her.

Issue #769

Cover Date: June 2002
Subtitle: (1) Purity part 2 - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 4; (2) Lost Voices part 7
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Judd Winick
Artists(s): (1) Steve Lieber, Mark McKenna; (2) Cliff Chiang
Storyline: (1) Ekin Tzu (the winged man) flew as Batman went in. He threatened the suppliers - he'd be back for them when he'd found who was poisoning the heroin. Allen and Montoya questioned Alfred. David Said learned from Checkmate the heroin was, in fact, pure. He found Ekin Tzu attacking Nine Pound (his own "supplier"). Batman arrived; Tzu escaped with his hostage. Said pulled a gun on Batman.
(2) Josie Mac refused to drop the case. A lead took her to a pier where she found her father dead in an oil drum.

Issue #770

Cover Date: July 2002
Subtitle: (1) Purity part 3 - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 8; (2) Lost Voices part 8
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Judd Winick
Artists(s): (1) Steve Lieber, Mark McKenna; (2) Cliff Chiang
Storyline: (1) Ekin Tzu interrogated his former associate, Nine Pound, for the source of the poisoned heroin. Batman left after feeling out David Said. He found Tzu's hideout and Nine Pound. Checkmate told Said to cooperate with Batman. Tzu returned; Batman god him into police custody. The name Nine Pound gave - Evan Halsey - ended up dead, poisoned.
(2) Batman came to Josie and offered his help in return for hers. They figured out it was Two-Face who'd taken the child (the child had a birthmark over half of his face).

Issue #771

Cover Date: August 2002
Subtitle: (1) Access - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 12; (2) Lost Voices part 9
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka; (2) Judd Winick
Artists(s): (1) Steve Lieber, Mark McKenna, Robin Riggs; (2) Cliff Chiang
Storyline: (1) Batman checked into the death of Halsey and confirmed it was murder. Sasha's trial began. Batman met with Said, who gave him another name - Branford Landis. Allen continued to pursue Alfred. "Landis" shot Batman and escaped. He got a sketch of his target to Said, who told him that it looked like a man named Robert Amherst - a N.S.A. agent.
(2) Batman and Josie found Two-Face and rescued the boy. He said he didn't kill her father.

Issue #772

Cover Date: September 2002
Subtitle: Principle - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 16
Writer(s): (1) Greg Rucka
Artists(s): (1) Sergio Cariello, John Nyberg
Storyline: Sasha, after being convicted, began her sentence. She saw it as a bodyguard taking a bullet for her principal. A man named Amherst visited her, promising to get her free if she would finger Wayne. As she felt given up on, Alfred visited her and reaffirmed her faith.

Issue #31

Cover Date: September 2002
Subtitle: Clean - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 17
Writer(s): Devin Grayson
Artists(s): Roger Robinson, John Floyd
Storyline: Amherst became paranoid - he didn't believe in Batman, but he believed someone had been sent to take him down. Batman got to him. The man squealed - he'd paid a man $20million to perform a "character assassination" on Bruce Wayne. The White House ordered the "hit."

Issue #605

Cover Date: September 2002
Subtitle: Courage - Bruce Wayne: Fugitive part 18
Writer(s): Ed Brubaker
Artists(s): Scott McDaniel, Andy Owens
Storyline: Batman visited Vesper's grave. He and Nightwing left and headed back to the cave where Robin, Alfred, Batgirl, and Oracle were waiting for them. They went over the entire setup in detail. Luthor had hired David Cain to destroy Wayne. Cain took it upon himself to destroy Batman as well. The guys went after Cain, Batgirl and Oracle stayed behind to help coordinate. The men Robin and Nightwing followed turned out to be decoys. The real Cain was in the cave and attacked Oracle (Batgirl had left to help Nightwing and Robin). Batman was there and went after him. He refused to believe that he was like the assassin. Cain turned himself in for Fairchild's murder. Amherst woke up in Arkham Asylum.

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