Batman: Blind Justice

Issue #598

Cover Date: March 1989
Subtitle: Blind Justice part 1
Writer(s): Sam Hamm
Artists(s): Denys Cowan, Dick Giordano, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: Gordon called Batman in to see a body - it had been completely pulverized - no bone in it still intact. The body had no physical marks on it. Batman staked out a drug shipment on a tip off. It was broken up by a man calling himself the Bonecursher. He used a sonic device to destroy things. He killed himself when cornered by Batman. Bruce Wayne was introduced to Jeannie Bowen, a woman searching for her brother. She believed he'd worked for WayneTech, so he gave her a tour. Dr. Kenneth Harbinger remembered Roy, her brother. Gordon called Batman about another Bonecrusher attack. A homeless man in a mission acted out with exact movement and speech as the Bonecrusher. Cornered again, Bonecrusher killed himself. The bum turned out to be Roy, Jeannie's brother. He had no memories of the last six months. Bruce began researching what might have happened to Roy after a biochip was found implanted in his head. Bonecrusher broke into Wayne Manor; Alfred saved Bruce and his houseguests Jeannie and Roy by shooting him with a tranquilizer dart. Bonecrusher, for a third time, self-destructed. Roy remembered what the project was - they were creating remote controlled soldiers. Bruce found Harbinger dead, but found his log file. In the file, Bruce learned that Harbinger had been the controller of the Bonerushers and that he'd permanently moved into another body. Bruce tried to stop the project, but they set him up as a communist and he was arrested.

Issue #599

Cover Date: April 1989
Subtitle: Blind Justice part 2
Writer(s): Sam Hamm
Artists(s): Denys Cowan, Dick Giordano, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: Wayne was questioned about the years he spent in Europe and Asia. Gordon offered him what support he could, hinting that he knew more than Wayne realized. Bruce and his two lawyers were shot by a homeless man. Bruce, the only survivor, was in a coma.

Issue #600

Cover Date: May 1989
Subtitle: Blind Justice part 3
Writer(s): Sam Hamm
Artists(s): Denys Cowan, Dick Giordano, Frank McLaughlin
Storyline: Since Batman had not been seen in weeks, Gordon asked one of his men to say that they'd worked a case together. As Bruce was released from the hospital, Roy stumbled into the cave. He offered to let Bruce use his body while he was confined to a wheelchair. A witness against Wayne, the man who taught him detective skills, told the cartel that Wayne was indeed Batman. This theory was shot down when Batman made a bust (Bruce was using Roy's body). Bruce and Alfred played with the biochips until Bruce was in a body near Harbinger and Riordan (the cartel's leaders). He got needed info, including a sketch, to Gordon. Harbinger was force to take another body. Batman (again in Roy's body) was after him. They were both killed in the fight; Gordon and his men recovered the documents Harbinger was carrying and cleared Bruce Wayne. Gordon visited Bruce as he recovered and confronted him about his houseguest being in Batman's costume. The fiasco was finally over, though Jeannie, Ducard (the detective), and possibly Gordon knew Bruce's secret.

trade paperback edition


  • Bruce studied under martial arts experts Chu Chin Li and Tsunetomo, and under manhunter Henri Ducard. (Detective 599)
  • Jeannie had been living in Wayne Manor for at least one month when Bruce returned from the hospital: "This is the third time (the house has been searched) in a month. What are you hoping to find?" (Jeannie to detectives, Detective 600)
  • Batman lost his second partner in recent times - Roy Kane (after Jason Todd).