Batman: Battle for the Cowl tie-ins

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Batman Dead?

Cover Date: May 2009
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): [1] Dustin Nguyen; [2] Guillem March; [3] ChrisCross; [4] Jamie McKelvie; [5] Alex Konat, Mark McKenna
Storyline: Vicki Vale, returning to print media after spending some time on tv, sought out Bruce Wayne to get an invitation to a social event. Though she never got in touch with him, he did put her on the guest list.
Stephanie Brown saw a glimpse of Robin on her way to the hospital to walk her mother home. She witnessed a fire-bombing of a newspaper stand and Nocturna attempting to escape a robbery in a hot-air balloon on the way.
Leslie Thompkins returned to Gotham City after a year practicing abroad (after being exiled by Batman). While taking a walk, a prisoner transport was attacked.
Sgt. Bullock and his new partner investigated a murder where the victim had been beheaded and cauterized.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Commissioner Gordon

Cover Date: May 2009
Subtitle: A Cold Day in Hell
Writer(s): Royal McGraw
Artists(s): tom Mandrake
Storyline: Gordon woke up a captive of Mr. Freeze. He'd been missing 14 hours and was feeling the effects of hypothermia. Both he and Freeze knew Batman wouldn't be saving him this time. Gordon was able to use the chains on his arms to tackle Freeze. The brittle metal broke and he ran. After breaking a gas pipe, Gordon lit a match and blew up the building they were in.
Bullock and the rest of the force saw the explosion and went in. Once Gordon was safe back at headquarters and Freeze in custody, they got word of some people who'd reportedly been killed by Batman.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Man-Bat

Cover Date: June 2009
Subtitle: I am Whatever You Say I Am
Writer(s): Joe Harris
Artists(s): Jim Calafiore
Storyline: Kirk Langstrom woke up from a dream where he'd transformed and accidentally killed his wife. Oracle had a bulletin out to anyone who could help ease Gotham's pain in Batman's absence. Though the message was for his wife, Langstrom answered it believing Francine was in danger. He took the Man-Bat serum.
After it wore off, he was captured and imprisoned by Arkham escapee, Dr. Phosphorus. Langstrom found that his wife was in the same dungeon. They attempted to escape, but Phosphorus caught Francine. Kirk raged and turned into the creature without the serum. He flew Phosphorus into the air and dropped him into the harbor. He also fell, having suffered burns. The Outsiders were there to help.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Arkham Asylum

Cover Date: June 2009
Subtitle: The Place Where Beauty Lies
Writer(s): David Hine
Artists(s): Jeremy Haun
Storyline: When the Black Glove had thrown Jeremiah Arkham out of his family's institution, he lost time wandering the streets of Gotham City. He thought about the regulars and his three favorite patients - Alessio Morandi, a boy who's face was disfigured when his father removed a glued mask from his face. His facial muscles no longer functioned; a man he'd dubbed Narcissus (or Mirror Man), a man who seemingly could do nothing but stare at himself in a mirror; and Myrna Freud, a woman who's face was so disfigured men had gone insane after looking at her.
After the Black Glove took over the asylum, Joker gassed it and everyone was evacuated. As the prisoners were to be returned, Black Mask bombed it. Arkham returned to his asylum with plans of rebuilding it using his uncle's designs. Inside, he found his three favorites had been left behind.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: The Underground

Cover Date: June 2009
Subtitle: The Underground
Writer(s): Chris Yost
Artists(s): Pablo Raimondi
Storyline: Penguin found out that Black Mask was creating the war between him and Two-Face. He went to Riddler wanting him to find him. Riddler bumped into Harley Quinn and she took him back to her place (she was rooming with Holly Robinson).
Two-Face was attacked by Catwoman, but escaped after firing on her. Black Mask's crew torched Penguin's entourage.
Batman (Todd) saw Catwoman and shot at her. After a brief fight, she fell off a building into a car. When she looked up, Riddler, Harley, and Poison Ivy were there.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: The Network

Cover Date: July 2009
Subtitle: The Network
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): Don Kramer, Jim Calafiore, Mark McKenna
Storyline: Oracle called in the Network - Dr. Hugo strange had opened a gambling ring. He kidnapped three people - an crack-addict mother, an old woman with Alzheimer's, and a convicted murderer. The locations of each would be given out, but when one was rescued, the other two would be killed. Strange was testing the new Batman.
Oracle got word to her operatives to find the people and stand guard - no actions. When she got control of Strange's servers, the hostages were freed. Strange's casino ended up being an 18-wheeler truck.

Secret Six #9

Cover Date: July 2009
Subtitle: A Debt of Significant Blood
Writer(s): Gail Simone
Artists(s): Nicola Scott
Storyline: In Gotham City, Bane and Catman took care of an organized unit who were kidnapping the children of political enemies. After the third, Nightwing intervened and told them to leave the city. During this, Bane and Catman joked about which of them should become Batman. Ragdoll wore Robin costume over his normal outfit.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl: Batman Alive

Cover Date: July 2009
Subtitle: Batman Alive?
Writer(s): Fabian Nicieza
Artists(s): [1] Dustin Nguyen; [2] Guillem March; [3] ChrisCross; [4] Jamie McKelvie; [5] Alex Konat, Mark McKenna
Storyline: Harvey Bullock brought in a priest and a politician and finally got his answer - Azrael, as he suspected, had killed an undercover cop with his flaming sword. The problem now was there was a new man in the costume. The killer was in custody.
Dr. Thompkins and her crew put together the finishing touches on her new clinic. She changed and headed to the Robinson Ball with Dick and Tim. Dick asked her about her new bodyguard, Mortimer Drake (the Cavalier).
Spoiler watched as they entered the ball. She took Nocturna down and left her for the cops. Tim told her he was leaving town and asked her again nicely to stop being Spoiler. She'd come up with some new tech that made her invisible.
Vicki Vale wandered through the Ball. After dancing with Dick, she began putting together pieces of a puzzle. Once home, she began investigating Bruce and his wards as Batman and the Robins.


  • Go here for the main issues.
  • DC published a checklist for the tie-in issues here. Warning - it's a pdf, so it may be slow to load / crash your browser. Here it is in normal text (note: all contain the Battle for the Cowl banner: Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead? / Battle for the Cowl 1 / Azrael 1 / Oracle 1 / Commissioner Gordon / Man-bat / Battle for the Cowl 2 / Azrael 2 / Oracle 2 / Arkham Asylum / The Underground / The Network / Azrael 3 / Oracle 3 / Battle for the Cowl 3 / Gotham Gazette: Batman Alive?
  • The collected edition does not include the Gotham Gazette issues (they're in the main tpb) or the Secret Six issue (which is only marginally related).