Batman and Son

Issue #655

Cover Date: September 2006
Subtitle: Batman & Son part 1: Building a Better Batmobile
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert
Storyline: Commissioner Gordon was infected with Joker gas; Joker had Batman down and a group of disabled kids hostage. Batman pulled out a gun and shot him, picked up his limp body, and threw him in a dumpster.
Batman visited Gordon in the hospital - the man who'd shot Joker was an ex-cop who snapped and dressed as the vigilante.
Robin checked in with Bruce and Alfred - Bruce was busy working on his costume and rebuilding the car. Bruce told him they were heading to London for a charity event.
A woman threatened the life of Francine Langstrom if her husband didn't hand her over the man-bat serum. Bruce bumped into Kirk Langstrom in London and noticed he was acting oddly.
While looking at guests at the gala, Talia's son picked out his father. It was time for her to introduce them.

Issue #656

Cover Date: October 2006
Subtitle: Batman & Son part 2: Man-Bats of London
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Bruce was approached by a woman named Jezebel Jet. She was a fashion model who was now running a small African nation. After a quick chat, she left him to schmooze with other guests.
Outside, Alfred saw the Langstroms thrown from a van. Kirk explained to him that he'd been force to give up his man-bat serum. A group of the creatures attacked the gala. Bruce changed clothes and went after the ninja man-bats. He stopped the first six, but more arrived to take their place. He was eventually overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. He looked up to see Talia and a child. She introduced Batman to his son and left them.

Issue #657

Cover Date: November 2006
Subtitle: Batman & Son part 3: Wonderboys
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Batman introduced his son to the cave and Robin. Damian was unimpressed. Batman sent him up to the manor with Alfred and explained things to Robin. Tim didn't take it quite well and stormed out after telling Batman the Spook was holding the mayor hostage.
Back upstairs, Batman used fear to convince the boy that he was not the boss.
When Gordon and his men got to the Spook, Batman was holding his dead body. Everyone else was OK.
Robin returned to the cave to try and make good with Damian. Damian showed him the head of the Spook - he'd killed him. Damian and Robin fought. Batman was later met on a rooftop by his son dressed in a hybrid of his League of Assassins garb and Jason's Robin outfit. He told Batman that Robin had quit.

Issue #658

Cover Date: December 2006
Subtitle: Batman & Son part 4: Absent Fathers
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Batman got back to the cave - Robin was injured. Batman sent Alfred down to check him out. Batman and Damian (so he could keep an eye on him) headed out to track down Talia and her ninja man-bats. Damian seemed genuinely sincere about helping his father.
They took the Bat-Rocket and headed toward Gibraltar, then parachuted down on Talia's stronghold. Once the Prime Minister's wife was safe, Batman told Talia to take the kid and leave. The British Navy fired on her submarine. Batman refused to join her and he watched the sub explode.

Issue #663

Cover Date: April 2007
Subtitle: The Clown at Midnight
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): John Van Fleet
Storyline: Clowns gathered at a cemetery to bury Bozzo the Bandit. He'd been one of Joker's henchmen who the "Boss" had killed. One lost grip of the coffin. It fell and killed another. They all began falling from their boss's poisons.
Batman headed to Arkham to see the Joker. He was informed that he'd just gotten out of shock treatment and had been spending most of his time in speech therapy - he no longer seemed to be a threat after Batman had shot him and thrown him into a dumpster.
Joker, wrapped in bandages, seemed to confirm the "hit" via eye blink Morse code. Batman suspected Harley Quinn was his "speech therapist" when Arkham told him the doctor's name was "Wisakedjak" (the name of the Cree Indian trickster god).
More henchmen were found dead. Batman found a pattern - everything seemed to be either black or red. He tracked down Harley. She opened fire on him and placed red and black flowers near each other, setting off a chemical reaction (the same that had been killing clowns). Batman bombed them as Harley escaped.
Joker, too, escaped. Two guards were killed on his way out of Arkham. Harley was there for him, but she was somewhat uncomfortable with his new look (he'd had reconstructive surgery after being shot in the face by the fake Batman). Batman watched and warned Harley that she would be his next victim. Joker attacked her with a straight razor. She fought back, breaking one of his arms, before realizing she didn't care. She walked to him in submission.
Batman attacked the Joker. When their fight began to wind down, Harley shot her lover. Batman dragged him back into the asylum.

Issue #664

Cover Date: May 2007
Subtitle: Three Ghosts of Batman
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Bruce Wayne met Jezebel in the mountains for some skiing. Bruce caused a small paparazzi helicopter to crash by throwing his ski rod at it. They had dinner before he headed back to Gotham City.
Batman moved in on a pimp who was supplying to the GCPD. There was a "monster" who'd been preying on hookers. He found a den with corpses and one prostitute still alive. A giant of a man (on venom?) approached him. He picked Batman up and threw him through a wall into the alley outside. The giant stomped him and left him.

Issue #665

Cover Date: June 2007
Subtitle: The Black Casebook
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Roxy, one of the hookers Batman helped earlier repaid the debt. She found him and dropped him off near the Penthouse. From there, he called Alfred.
When Bruce woke up, Alfred and Tim were there with him. He told them about the Bane-like man who'd beaten him. While he was doped up on morphine, Tim went out to investigate. Bruce told Alfred about a black casebook full of situations where he and Robin (Dick) had gone up against time travel and other unexplainable situations. Alfred knew of it and had been working with it recently. Bruce then told him about a dream where he'd encountered three different ghosts of Batman.
Robin crashed his motorcycle into the creature, then Batman arrived and did the same with the Batmobile. As Batman went after the stunned man, police arrived and told him to back off. Batman disappeared and told Gordon about the dirty cops. Gordon knew and said he was working on it.
Elsewhere, Talia got Damian to a medical facility for "full organ harvest and replacement." When she learned that he was stabilized, she also learned that Bruce had been seen twice with Jezebel Jet. Someone was watching when he met with her again.

Issue #666

Cover Date: July 2007
Subtitle: Legend of the Batman
Writer(s): Grant Morrison
Artists(s): Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Since the death of his father, Damian Wayne had become Batman.
After taking down one of the Dollotrons, Batman escaped from Commissioner Gordon (Barbara) and her cops. Back in the cave, Damian spoke with his cat, Alfred. He believed the killer he was after was one of three "replacement Batmen that haunted my father years ago." The killer was making himself out to be the biblical anti-Christ.
Batman tracked him down - he, too, was wearing a Batman costume. Batman killed him while telling him he'd sold his soul to his father years before.


  • Issue 656 references Son of the Demon.
  • "He died when I wasn't much older than you are now." (Batman to Damian about his own father, Batman 658)
  • Issue 658 appears to depict why Harley turned a new leaf.
  • Issue 666 reveals that Damian was grown in an "artificial womb."

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