Batman and the Mad Monk

Issue #1

Cover Date: October 2006
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Matt Wagner
Artists(s): Matt Wagner
Storyline: Batman encountered the Catwoman and wondered if he'd inspired her. She scratched him with drugged claws and escaped. Bruce broke yet another date with Julie.
Gordon was jumped by three cops on the rooftop while waiting for Batman. He held his own until Batman arrived and cleaned them up. Gordon took him down to the morgue: two bloodless corpses from separate incidents.
Julie found her father in bad shape again. He'd been babbling and sketching bats. A young woman, new to Gotham City, bumped into a predator in a night club. The strange woman drugged her and led her into a hearse.

Issue #2

Cover Date: November 2006
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Matt Wagner
Artists(s): Matt Wagner
Storyline: The girl awakened tied to an alter. She was about to be sacrificed by some sort of cult. The woman who'd abducted her brought out their leader, a man in red robes and a hood. He bit her neck and let her blood drain. The congregation came forth and drank it.
Madison went to Maroni about the debt, but the mobster told him he owed him nothing.
Batman met with his new partner, DA Harvey Dent, about Maroni and Falcone. He later met up with Gordon at the newest bloodless body. He found tracks nearby which appeared to be from a hearse. He got some samples and headed back to the cave. Julie spent the entire night staking out the estate.

Issue #3

Cover Date: December 2006
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Matt Wagner
Artists(s): Matt Wagner
Storyline: Somehow, Batman tracked the hearse and nabbed its drivers. He aggressively questioned one of them about the "Monk" who'd been mentioned. The man was much more afraid of what the Monk would do to him than of the Batman.
Julie told her friends about her father's situation and was overheard by Dala, the woman who'd abducted the last victim. She introduced herself and told them that her boyfriend was a counselor for the rich. Julie seemed intrigued.
Falcone met with Maroni. Madison had come to him to pay back what he owed Maroni.
Julie visited with Dala and her "boyfriend," Niccolai. He spoke with Dala about siphoning her father's wealth after she left. Bruce noticed bite marks on her neck that night.

Issue #4

Cover Date: January 2007
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Matt Wagner
Artists(s): Matt Wagner
Storyline: Niccolai, the Monk, sacrificed one of his own "Brotherhood" because he'd spoken to the police (the hearse driver Batman caught). Since his blood was no good, he was fed to wolves.
Bruce, fearing the supernatural, forged some silver batarangs in case vampires were at work. He later saw Julie wake up to a phone call and leave. Niccolai had called her to him. Her father, already scared to death because Batman knew his name, saw the vigilante swing away from his home.
Batman entered the Rallstone castle after watching Julie go in. He killed the two timber wolves which attacked him, but took a nasty bite to the thigh. He fell into a deathtrap: a room with no windows or doors with the spiked walls closing in.
Julie was bitten again and told to get her father's passwords and account numbers.

Issue #5

Cover Date: February 2007
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Matt Wagner
Artists(s): Matt Wagner
Storyline: Using explosives and his grapple gun, Batman escaped his would be doom. After seeing Julie's car no longer near, he left. Gordon called him. When he arrived, he smashed the signal beacon Batman had given him. He told them if they were to continue to work together, it had to be more above the boards.
Madison saw Batman again as he checked on Julie. The next day, she got the information and headed back to the castle. Once it was handed over to Niccolai, the Brotherhood was called. They had their next sacrifice.
Batman, still horribly wounded by the deathtrap and wolves, headed out to save Julie.

Issue #6

Cover Date: March 2007
Subtitle: --
Writer(s): Matt Wagner
Artists(s): Matt Wagner
Storyline: Batman crashed his new car into the castle and disrupted the ritual. After disbursing the crowd, he went after the Monk. Julie was freed. Batman chased the Monk onto the rooftop, where he was struck by lightning. His smoking body fell. Batman saved Julie, who'd managed to escape from Dala. He removed his mask to give her CPR and comfort.
Norman Madison, hoping to sever any ties between himself and organized crime, shot at Maroni. He missed and was in turn killed by his thugs.
Julie wrote Bruce from Africa. She's joined the Peace Corps and partially blamed Batman for her father's death - though not directly.
Batman headed to a nearby warehouse where a police scanner told him bodies had been found with "rictus-like grins."

trade paperback edition


  • "First, her (Catwoman)... and then that poor wretch in the red cape and hood." (Batman, internal #1)
  • Carmine Falcone had facial scars (#3)
  • Several months have passed since Norman Madison first encountered the Batman: "For several months, and it's been getting progressively worse." (Julie to Niccolai about her father's condition. #3).
  • The ending leads into The Man Who Laughs.
  • Throughout these stories, James Gordon is still with his first wife, Barbara.
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