Batman / New Teen Titans: A Lonely Place of Dying

Batman #440

Cover Date: undated
Subtitle: Suspects - A Lonely Place of Dying part 1
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, George Perez
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: High atop a dam, Batman battled the Ravager. His foe had killed two police officers and a duo of musicians in the past two weeks. Batman, overcoming his injuries allowed the Ravager to fall into the raging river below. After seeing him swim away, Batman simply drove off. Someone snapped pictures of the altercation, knowing Batman was Bruce Wayne. Two-Face continued to plot against Batman.
Bruce woke up to find Alfred in his room. He'd passed out the night before from his wounds. Alfred lectured him on the way he'd been conducting business lately - thinking with his fists, not his head. Since Jason's death, he'd become increasingly more careless with his own body. The outsider (the one taking the pictures during the Ravager fight) continued to also worry about Batman. He knew about Jason's death.
Batman took down some thieves who seemed to know where he'd be. While fighting, he thought back on what Alfred told him. He then put the pieces together and realized Two-Face was behind things.
The outsider knocked on the door of the apartment where Dick and Kory (Starfire) lived. She told him Nightwing had left the Titans some weeks back. He then broke into Dick's old apartment (which he'd kept) and found a newspaper clipping - Haly's Circus was closing.

The New Titans #60

Cover Date: November 1989
Subtitle: Chapter Two: Roots
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Bob McLeod
Storyline: Starfire told Cyborg about the kid who'd come to her apartment looking for Nightwing. After exhausting their search efforts, he called Wayne Manor. Alfred had not seen him since he left after the Zucco incident (Year 3). Speedy contacted the Titans - Dick asked him to fill in for him while he was away. They found a scrapbook in Dick's old apartment with some items removed; Starfire realized the outsider knew Dick was Nightwing.
Dick visited the circus and found it in ruin. He stuck around as a clown in that night's performance. One of the lions went crazy and killed a performer; Dick was able to get it in a net before it killed anyone else. Harrison Haly realized it was their last show - things were going too badly, and their insurance was canceled.
The outsider, a kid, was watching and realized who the clown was. Later, he told Dick he believed one of the clowns (a drunk) sabotaged things. Dick was impressed by the kid's detective skills (he had a solid case against the clown) and agility. He went to the clown and believed his innocence. Later, when the people behind it confronted the clown, it was Dick in the makeup. He took one of them down (the strongman), and the kid took the other down as he attempted to escape.
Dick exited the main trailer after agreeing to become part owner of the circus. The kid confronted him again. He knew who he was and who he'd been (Nightwing / Robin) and about Jason's death. He showed Dick the pictures he'd taken of Batman and urged him to go patch things up with Bruce.

Batman #441

Cover Date: undated
Subtitle: Parallel Lines - A Lonely Place of Dying part 3
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, George Perez
Artists(s): Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: Two-Face and Batman went over ideas to lure each other out.
Dick took Tim Drake (the kid photographer) to Wayne Manor and introduced him to Alfred. The boy came clean - he showed them a picture of him with the Flying Graysons from the night they were murdered, the same photo Dick and Alfred had. Tim's parents sent them copies after Bruce Wayne had taken Dick as his ward. Tim told them about watching the Graysons die, then Batman comforting Dick.
Two-Face and Batman set their plans in motion, only to both realize they'd set the wrong one.
Tim continued: when he was nine, he saw some footage of Batman and Robin captured by a security camera on the news. He immediately knew Dick was Robin, and it was obvious to him that Bruce Wayne must be the Batman. Tim pleaded with Dick to drop the Nightwing persona and go back to his roots - Batman needed a Robin.
Batman rescued the twin actors Two-Face had kidnapped, but realized then that his adversary had taken his bait - Two-Face stood over the $22 million at the Gemini Casino and flipped his coin. The coin landed "good heads," and Two-Face left without his loot. Batman won.
Dick took Tim to the cave and got into his Nightwing costume. He left the boy there with Alfred and headed out to help Batman.

The New Titans #61

Cover Date: December 1989
Subtitle: Chapter Four: Going Home
Writer(s): Marv Woflman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Tom Grummett, Bob McLeod
Storyline: The Titans received a call at the Tower for Nightwing. They didn't believe it was the same kid who showed up at Kory's apartment. Raven appeared to Nightwing as he spoke with Gordon atop police HQ in Gotham City. She gave him a computer disk Jericho found in the Tower.
He decoded the clues and realized it was Batman asking for help Nightwing showed up at a rooftop where Batman was waiting for Two-Face to make a move. Batman took the front door, while Nightwing went in through the back. Batman found the ground floor inverted - everything was bolted to the ceiling. Two-Face locked down the basement, trapping Nightwing inside. When he realized Batman was there, too, he detonated the building.
Alfred and Tim saw Nightwing's signal get disrupted.

Batman #442

Cover Date: undated
Subtitle: Rebirth - A Lonely Place of Dying part 5
Writer(s): Marv Wolfman, George Perez
Artists(s): George Perez, Jim Aparo, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: Dent left the building and set off another explosion. He was greeted by Robin (Tim in one of the Robin costumes; Alfred drove him there). He and Alfred took down Two-Face; Robin went into the rubble after Batman and Nightwing. He was in time and helped dig them out of their would-be tombs. Batman was enraged that he was wearing the Robin costume; Tim explained that he knew everything. They went back and forth on why Batman needed a Robin, but Batman refused to talk anymore with Two-Face still on the loose. Tim told them he'd stuck a tracking device on him as they fought. Batman allowed him to ride with them in the Batmobile as they chased Dent.
As a team, the three took down Two-Face. Back at Wayne Manor, Bruce decided to take things one day at a time while deciding what to do with Robin and Tim.
Joker laughed from his hospital bed - he'd been manipulating Harvey Dent.

trade paperback edition


  • Of note, the tpb version does contain each page of the individual issues (unlike some crossover collections, which omit "extraneous pages"), the covers, and an introduction by Dennis O'Neil.
  • The picture Dick had during Year 3 (the last taken of his family) resurfaces here - the kid in it being Tim Drake.
  • "I'm not twelve - I'm thirteen." (Tim Drake, chapter three)
  • Tim discovered the identities of Batman and Robin four years before this story (he was 9 then, now 13).
  • Per Tim, Robin made his debut six months after he visited the circus.

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