Batman Special #1: The Wrath

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1984
Writer(s): Mike W. Barr
Artists(s): Michael Golden, Mike DeCarlo
Storyline: An attempt was made on the life of Commissioner Jim Gordon; Batman saved him. The would-be assassin, who called himself the Wrath, had seen his parents, criminals, killed by Officer Gordon as a child, had vowed revenge. It was the third recent failed hit. Batman analyzed the bullets and realized they'd been fired by the same gun that had killed police all over the world. He feared the asassin was his "opposite." After talking to some underworld informants, the Wrath began to believe Batman was Bruce Wayne. He destroyed his parents' tombstones.
While Bruce was checking things out, Alfred was attacked and hospitalized. Batman found where hitmen had been hired to find Gordon. He got to the woman who hired them. Realizing the Wrath would go after Leslie Thompkins, Batman convinced Gordon to "trade" with her. Batman handed Gordon to the Wrath in return for Thompkins. The Wrath shot him twice in the chest, only to be thwarted by a Kevlar vest. He and Thompkins escaped leaving Batman and the Wrath alone to fight. The Wrath fell into his own flames and over the edge of a building. The Wrath died with no one knowing his motives.


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