DC 1st: Batgirl / The Joker

Format: one-shot
Binding: standard comic
Date: August 2002
Writer(s): Scott Peterson, Dan Curtis Johnson
Artists(s): Phil Noto, Andy Owens, Greg Scott, Mick Gray, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cameron Stewart, Damion Scott, Alitha Martinez, Marcos Martin, Alvaro Lopez
Batgirl Oracle describes everything she knows about the new Batgirl while she tries to help a youngster who's lost his parents.

New Threat File A couple of government agents go in search of the person who defeated Lady Shiva and left her comatose in a jail cell. They found Batgirl.

Batgirl Vs. Batgirl Batgirl 2 ran a computer fight simulation agains Batgirl 1.

Profiles: Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Lady Shiva, Oracle, Cain, Sensor and Force 14, Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).