Batgirl: Destruction's Daughter

Issue #65

Cover Date: August 2005
Subtitle: A Mother of a Father's Day
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Cam Smith
Storyline: Cassandra was questioned about her ethnicity by the girl at the coffee shop. She realized she'd never known her mother. She tracked down Batman and asked if he knew who her mother was. They both suspected Shiva. Onyx told her they all knew each other.
Cassandra visited her father in prison. He refused to tell. She returned later in costume and gave him a beating. When asked if it were Shiva, he only replied "maybe."

Issue #66

Cover Date: September 2005
Subtitle: Hitting the Pavement
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Any Kuhn
Storyline: Cassandra planned to go off in search of Shiva, but met a boy first. Without speaking, they hit it off very quickly. After a semi-date, she dropped him off and hit the road. She made some enemies fast at a truck stop along the way to Detroit. One of the men, calling himself Road Hog, followed her. He attacked and was taken down by an OMAC. Cassandra continued her search.

Issue #67

Cover Date: October 2005
Subtitle: Destruction's Daughter part 2: Bird Calls
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Ale Garza, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Cassandra met up with Bronze Tiger, who'd helped with her training years before. He explained a bit to her - Ra's al Ghul had given Cain several pupils to train a whole new League of Assassins. The experiment failed; they tried another - training a single instead of a league. It also failed until they tried one with the right genetics - her. He did not know who her mother was.
Batgirl called Oracle and met her in Detroit. She told Barbara she needed to find Shiva and why. Canary confided to her that Shiva wanted to use her as an apprentice. They headed to the Balkans, where Shiva was rumored to be working with Nyssa al Ghul.
Barbara began working with Cassandra and her reading skills again. As they neared the destination, they dropped Batgirl off.

Issue #68

Cover Date: November 2005
Subtitle: Destruction's Daughter part 3: Motherlode
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Ale Garza, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Nyssa al Ghul watched as Batgirl neared her location. Batgirl spied on the stronghold, realizing Nyssa had created a new League of Assassins headed by Lady Shiva. She entered, still being watched. Shiva's team bowed to her as their leader sized her up. Shiva introduced her to them: Kitty Kumbata, Wam-wam, Shrike, Tigris, White Willow, Krunk, Momotado, Los Gemelos, Ox, and Alpha.
Shiva began her attack; Batgirl asked if she was her mother. Shiva toyed with her; Nyssa sent Mr. Freeze to stop her.

Issue #69

Cover Date: December 2005
Subtitle: Destruction's Daughter part 4: Love's Labors
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Jesse Delperdang, Robin Riggs
Storyline: Batgirl, partially frozen, learned that Ra's al Ghul had paid for her creation. With Batgirl as captive, Nyssa showed off her Lazarus Pit. Nyssa had Nora Fries and promised to be able to revive her with the new generation of Lazarus Pit.
Batgirl was able to convince Freeze that she could get Nora to the pit if he would remove her from the ice. Together, they got his wife into the pit, where she was resurrected.

Issue #70

Cover Date: January 2006
Subtitle: Destruction's Daughter conclusion: The Resurrection and the Life
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Jesse Delperdang, Robin Riggs
Storyline: Nora Fries re-christened herself Lazara and began spreading both life and death (plants, rats began springing up from the ground). The Lazarus pit was built on an ancient burial ground - the dead began to rise all around them.
The assassins and zombies fought it out. Batgirl convinced Mr. Freeze to set off a freeze bomb. She and most of the assassins made it out alive, but it was unknown if Victor or Nora did.

Issue #71

Cover Date: February 2006
Subtitle: Blood Matters part one: Prey for Her
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Jesse Delperdang
Storyline: Batgirl realized she and her three followers were being tracked through the woods. She sent her followers off and took on the assassins as Shiva watched. As she wore down, her followers joined the fight. As the battle wore down, another man joined the fight - Cain's first born.

Issue #72

Cover Date: March 2006
Subtitle: Blood Matters part two: Turning Abel
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Francisco Rodriguez de la Fuente, Jesse Delperdang, Rodney Ramos
Storyline: Batgirl's brother (Cain's first "try"), Mad Dog, attacked her. Alpha took at shot at him, but Cassandra deflected his aim. She tracked Mad Dog. He ended up stabbing her through the chest and out the back. Batgirl died. Shiva grabbed her up and walked away.
Cassandra envisioned herself being taken by Stephanie Brown (Spoiler).

Issue #73

Cover Date: April 2006
Subtitle: Blood Matters conclusion: Revelations
Writer(s): Anderson Gabrych
Artists(s): Pop Mhan, Jesse Delperdang, Adam Dekraker
Storyline: Cassandra didn't want to believe she was dead - Bludhaven needed her. Stephanie showed her Bludhaven had been destroyed. She then burst through the fluids of the Lazarus Pit. Shiva had brought her back.
Shiva told her daughter how only after Cain had killed her sister did she realize how much she'd been held back. After their daughter was born, she left and became Shiva.
They fought; Cassandra won. Instead of finishing off her mother, she hung her above the Lazarus Pit, so that when she fell, she fell into it.


  • Cassandra learned that Shiva was her mother.

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