Ghost / Batgirl: The Resurrection Engine

Date: 2001
Writer(s): Mike Kennedy
Artists(s): Ryan Benjamin, Randy Emberlin, Michael Bair, Howard Shum
Collects: Ghost / Batgirl 1-4
Storyline: Two-Face claimed credit for a bombing at the International Diamond Exchange. Bodies of the victims started coming up missing. A woman who called herself Ghost (she had the ability to vanish and teleport) shook down a modeling agent. Oracle and Batgirl traveled to Arcadia to check out some missing girls. Batgirl met Ghost while busting up a strip club where they found some of the missing girls. They went after a man linked to the club and an evacuation service that worked the bombing scene. Barbara and Cassandra learned from Ghost that it appeared to be some of her foes doing the kidnapping. Two-Face met with a man who was recruiting from his ranks. Ghost was taken by the same group. General Greymatter showed her his "engine," which could keep human brains alive while the rest of the body was repaired. Batgirl broke in and rescued Ghost while Two-Face's army got set to take on Greymatter's. Batgirl stopped Two-Face after he'd retreated. Greymatter destroyed his facility and fled.