Aquaman annual 1: Year One

Format: special issue
Binding: standard comic
Date: 1995
Writer(s): Peter David
Artists(s): Martin Egeland, Howard M. Shum, Casey Jones, Craig Gilmore, Jake Jacobsen, J. Califiore, Mark McKenna, Phil Jimenez, John Stokes
Storyline: Treasure hunters found the Aquacave. One began reading a journal they found inside hoping it would lead them to valuables.
Chapter One
As a young man, Aquaman saw Triton (son of Poseidon) riding a whale. He was attempting to secure himself a woman. He found one, but she was not interested. Aquaman tried to save her, but she assumed the two were together and fought him off. A second attempt was made and he got her to safety. Triton was enraged and attacked Aquaman. He escaped, and Triton went to the surface to find his woman - she turned out to be the daughter of Amazon Queen Hippolyta, Diana. After the Amazons threatened the god, he left. Diana waited on the shore until her rescuer, Arthur returned. They spoke briefly and went their separate ways.
Chapter Two
Later, after Arthur became King of Atlantis, he met Mera, a queen from another dimension. Aqualad convinced him to ask her out. They fell in love on their first date.
Chapter Three
Poseidon, angered at Aquaman for taking Mera, attacked with a hurricane. Superman rescued him from under a fallen tree (Flash sent him), and left when he believed Aquaman was crazy. He tried to stop the hurricane, but Poseidon simply threw him back into the ocean. It was Aquaman's turn to rescue the Man of Steel. After he woke up, Superman listened to the Atlantean and took him to a desert. Superman had a hard time stomaching the whole "gods" thing.
Chapter Four
Aquaman's belief in the gods began to falter after years reigning as king. Poseidon visited him while Mera was giving birth. He congratulated the mortal, but gave him the power to hear one of his best friends, Pakuul the whale, call out to him - he was being hunted. Aquaman could not leave his queen's side. Pakuul was killed. As Arthur held his child for the first time, his friend sank to the depths, the ship which killed him in tow (it was struck by lightning).
The man looked up from the journal to find his associates hanging by chains. Aquaman was home.


  • This item takes place over the course of several years. It is being placed in Part 1 due to the bulk of the story focusing on Arthurs first meetings with Mera, Diana, and Superman.
  • A pre-Wonder Woman Diana is featured.
  • Arthur mentions the Teen Titans while speaking with Aqualad which creates an inconsistency: by this, it appears the Teen Titans existed before Aquaman met Superman. This goes against the events of JLA: Year One.
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